List of Program students

Students from various graduate schools and divisions participate in the GSS Program. They engage in efforts to deepen their own expertise and widen their perspective toward comprehensive approaches bridging differences in the field of safety and security through interactive exchange.

Table 6 – Program students (Green represents student who completed the GSS program)
Research Theme
Graduate School
GSS Scope
Nami FUJIMOTOEducationEducation
Meira Levinson's Theory and Practice o fCitizenship Education Man-made Disaster
Matomu ITAKURAScienceEarth and Planetary Science
Development of carbon dioxide reservoir monitoring method using precise gravity measurement Natural Disaster
Oscar Roberto ESCALANTE MALDONADO MedicineMedicine
Ecology of Vibrio parahaemolyticus and the significance of the trh gene sequence variations from seafood and environmental samples Regional Environmental Change
Yukiko HONDAMedicinePublic Health
Impact of Exposure to the Great East Japan Earthquake on maternal isolation and psychological problems of young children Regional Environmental Change
Han XUEEnginneringCivil and Earth Resource Engineering
Study on flooding hazard and hazard reduction effect of Low Impact Development countermeasures in George Town, Penang of Malaysia Natural Disaster
Yuma DAITOEnginneringCivil and Earth Resource Engineering
Practical research for development of infra-structure in the rural area of development country Man-made Disaster
Tomohiro TANAKAEnginneringCivil and Earth Resource Engineering
Assessment of lmpact on River Discharge and Inundation Disaster Caused by Climate Change Natural Disaster
Hendy SETIAWANEnginneringCivil and Earth Resource Engineering
Study of relationship between upstream catchment area, subsurface-groundwater flow and reservoir towards landslides and sediment related disters Natural Disaster
Ryota GOMIEnginneringEnvironmental Engineering
Simultaneous Detection of Virulence Genes in Escherichia Coli by Multiplex PCR and Next-Generation Sequencing Technologies Regional Environmental Change
Ryo HIGASHIGUCHIAgricultureForest and Biomaterials Science
Research on Semi-domestication Plant as a System for Sustainable Use of Plant Reseources Regional Environmental Change
Ryosuke KAJITAAA Area StudiesSoutheast Asian Area Studies
Social Response to Earthquakes and Volcanic Activities in Indonesia –Historical Consideration- Natural Disaster
Ai SUZUKIAA Area StudiesSoutheast Asian Area Studies
Biodiversity Consevation in Preah Vihear Protected Forest, Cambodia: Strategy development from field data Ⅱ Regional Environmental Change
Takaki HIROSEAA Area StudiesSoutheast Asian Area Studies
Creation of rural development model in dry regions of Southeast Asia ; an example of Savu-Raijua District, East Nusa Tenggara Province, Indonesia Regional Environmental Change
Sachi MATSUOKAAA Area StudiesGlobal Area Studies
Pluralisticistic Medical Situation and Structure: Study on Health Seeking Behavior in Kerala, India Regional Environmental Change
Fuko NAKAIInformaticsSocial Informatics
Index Development for Alternatives of Evacuation under Mixed Traffic of Pedestrians and Cars Natural Disaster
Eva Mia SISKAEngineeringCivil and Earth Resources Engineering
Building resilient societies: Analysis of challenges and opportunities in securing water adaptableto global environmental changes Regional Environmental Change
Xiao Jie TIANAA Area StudiesAfrican Area Studies
Day to Day Accumulation of Indiginous Ecological Knowledge in Pastoral Societies: A Case of Masai in Southern Kenya Regional Environmental Change
Naoko KIMURAGlobal Environmental StudiesGlobal Environmental Studies
Visualizing local knowledge regarding natural environment and awareness of natural disaster risks (tentative) Regional Environmental Change
Shoba POUDELGlobal Environmental StudiesGlobal Environmental Studies
Climate Change and Food Security in Mountainous regin ofNepal: Impacts and Adaptations Food Security
Kensuke ASAIEducationClinical Education
The Self and the Other in the Experience of Translation: Theoretical studies on "reflection as translation". Man-made Disaster
Atsushi YASUMOTOScienceEarth and Planetary Sciences
Study on the deep fluid activities based on hydrous phase mineralogy in the ultra-high-pressure metamorphic rocks in Moldanubian Zone of the Bohemian Massif Natural Disaster
Bhekumusa Wellington LUKHELEMedicineMedicine
Serious Games designed to influence HIV behavior change in Swaziland: A mixed methods study Regional Environmental Change
Christina EL-SAAIDIMedicineMedicine
Improving the level of infection control education at the dentall schools in Yemen: A nationwide randomized controlled study Regional Environmental Change
Van Tien PHAMEngineeringCivil and Earth Resources Engineering
The simulation and prediction of landslide dam hazards the Kii Peniinsula, Japan Natural Disaster
Sarasa ANMAAgricultureForest and Biomaterials Science
Analysis of the composition and diversity of soil fungi in seasonal tropical forests in Thailand with massive parallel DNA sequencing Natural Disaster
Chong XUAgricultureAgronomy and Horicultural Science
The Breeding Method Development with New Environmental Stress Tolerance using Transposable Elements Food Security
Jinsen ZHENGAgricultureEnvironmental Science and Technology
Nutrient Dynamics in Tanzanian Intensive Agiicultural Higlilands with Contrasting Soil Properties, and the Potential Impacts on Sorrounding Water Environment Food Security
EIAA Area StudiesSoutheast Asian Area Studies
Potential of Monoculture Teak Plantations for Multifunctional Forests in the Bago Mountains, Myanmar Regional Environmental Change
Mei NAKAZAWAAA Area StudiesAfrican Area Studies
HIV/AIDS Infection and Daily Life of Woman-headed households in Southwestern Part of Uganda Regional Environmental Change
Yui MASUKIAA Area StudiesGlobal Area Studies
NGO and Community Development in Rural India: With a Particular Focus on Vocational Training for Scavengers in Rajasthan Regional Environmental Change
Takashi SUGIYAMAInformaticsSocial Informaticas
Development of an education tool for tsunami evacuation based on the regional structure Natural Disaster
KARLINAEngineeringCivil and Earth Resources Engineering
Comprehensive Drought Assessment for Drought Identification and Adaptation Due to Climate Change Natural Disaster
Wenlong WANGEngineeringEnvironmental Engineering
Risk assessment of non-regulated chemicals like neonicotinoids using in vitro a physiologocally based pharmacokinetic model: a case study of acetamiprid Regional Environmental Change
Chatterjee RANITGlobal Environmental StudiesGlobal Environmental Studies
Disaster Risk Governance for Resilient Cities: A case study of Small and medium Scale Enterprises in Mumbai Metropolitan Area Natural Disaster
Hiba Abuelgasim FadlelmoulaMedicinePublic Health
Quality of Clustr Rondomized Controlled Trials (CRCTs) in Pragmatic Trials in Healthca Interventions Researches Man-made Disaster
Yukari OBAYASHIMedicinePublic Health
A qualitative enquiry into health problems of scavengers (waste-pckers) in Kathmandu, Nepal Food Security
Ayako KOHNOMedicinePublic Health
Comparative Study of Social Capital and Social Determinants of Health among Retirees in United States and Japan Regional Environmental Change
Yongxue SHIEngineeringCivil and Earth Resources Engineering
Impacts of extreme weather and land use change on water-related disasters: A case study in the Katsura River Basin, Kyoto, Japan Natural Disaster
Koji UOZUMIAA Area StudiesAfrican Area Studies
The Development Project and Its Impact in Rural Aread in Cameroon: Focus on Traditional Mutual Aid Food Security
Miki YOSHIZUMIAA Area StudiesAfrican Area Studies
Life Courses of Disabled Persons amnong the Samburu in Kenya Food Security
Sanae ITOAA Area StudiesGlobal Area Studies
Wast Management Practices in Nepal: Community Activities in Kirtipur and Trans-border Circulation of Materials Regional Environmental Change
Kensuke OTSUYAMAGlobal Environmental StudiesEnvironmental Management
Quantification & Customization of Disaster Rccovery Process through lndicator-bascd approach in Tohoku & other Asian regions Natural Disaster
Genta NAKANOGlobal Environmental StudiesEnvironmental Management
Institutionalization of Disaster Education for E:ffictive Actions in Pan-Himalayan Region Natural Disaster
Sajid NISAREngineeringMechanical Engineering and Science
Development of a Surgical Robot for Improved Performance in Minimally Invasive SurgeryNatural Disasters
Elif Berna VARGlobal Environmental StudiesGlobal Environmental Studies
Conservation of Built Vernacular Heritage for Promoting Sustainable Rural Environments in Trabzon, TurkeyRegional Environmental Change
Katrina San Juan NAVALLOA・A Area StudiesSoutheast Asian Area Studies
Exporting care labor: An analysis of the transformation of care labor into a global commodityRegional Environmental Change
Annisa Satwika LESTARIGlobal Environmental StudiesEnvironmental Managemant
Influence of Adaptive Grazing on Soil Organic Carbon in Traditional Silvopasture Practice under Rubber PlantationRegional Environmental Change
Kentarou NODAA・A Area StudiesAfrican Area Studies
Integrated studies on coexistence between the Zanzibar Red Colobus and local people around Jozani Chwaka Bay National Park in TanzaniaRegional Environmental Change
TSE Tsz KwanEconomicsEconomics
Trans-boundary Pollution in East AsiaMan-made Disaster
Kota SUGIMOTOEconomicsEconomics
What kind of the energy policy can minimize the risk of nuclear accident, without spoiling Energy Security, Economy and Environment ?Man-made Disaster
Yukiko TATEYAMAMedicineMedicine
A study on cultural, socio-economical behavioral, nutritional and biological rislk factors of non-communicable diseases in Zambia: Focusing on the disparity in urban-rural setting and different economic strataFood Security
ONGOSI Anita NyabokeMedicineMedicine
Role of Unhealthy Diet in the Progression of Non-communicable Disases (NCDs) in Communities with Food Security Disparrities: A case study of Usain Gishu and Machakos counties in KenyaFood Security
Shinomi TAKAHASHIMedicinePublic Health
Socio-epidemiological studies on the social, cultutural, life-style and bihavioral factors related to the non·adherence to diabetes mellitus treatment and the development and evaluation of intervention program based on the Change of the Behavioral ModeRegional Environmental Change
HWANG ChiyoungMedicinePublic Health
Qualitative enquiry into social, cultural and psychological factors and knowledge concerning tuberculosis screening among urban deprived population: homeless people in Nishinari district, Japan as a modelRegional Environmental Change
Takahiro KOSHIBAEngineeringUrban Management
Study on Function Evaluation of Sediment Management Method and Life Prolongation Strategy about Dam Natural Disaster
Tomohiro HAYAKAWAEngineeringMechanical Engineering and Science
Development of autonomous distributed walking system for three leg modular robot swarrms in various connectionsNatural Disaster
Ryosuke NAKAMURAAgricultureForest and Biomaterials Science
Effect of soil temperature and silicon availability on physiological function of Moraceae treesRegional Environmental Change
Haruka UEDAAgricultureNatural Resource Economics
Development of a New Food Education Program Based on Sensrny Education as a Solution for a Sustainable Food SystemFood Security
Chikara OKADAAgricultureNatural Resource Economics
The Research Of Farmers’ Rights - Focus On Intellectual Property Rights In Patent Genetic Resources-Food Security
QU huangqiAA Area StudiesAfrican Area Studies
Agro-ecological Studies on Indigenous Rice Farming Systems in Tanzania: A case of UsanFood Security
Ran MURATSUAA Area StudiesAfrican Area Studies
The reality and survival strategy of the beninese living in the religious dynamicsMan-made Disaster
Mariko MATSUMOTOGlobal Environmental StudiesEnvironmental Managemant
Community Based Flood Management in Upstream and Downstream Barangays [Villages] of the PhilippinesNatural Disaster
Hiromi SEGAWAMedicinePublic Health
A study on the development of intervention program to improve health and happiness of people based on socio句idemiologicalanalyses of social, cultural, life-style, behavior factors affecting health and happiness:Through comparison of community health care system between Japan and Bhutan.Man-made Disasters
Kodai YAMAMOTOEngineeringCivil and Earth Resources Engineering
Integrated Analysis of Rainfall-Runoff and Flood Inundation by the RRI model in the Chikusa River BasinNatural Disasters
Bonjun KOOEngineeringUrban Managemant
Enhancing Risk Communication and Public Awareness to Promote Disaster Risk Management: Focusing on Air Pollution in MongoliaNatural Disasters
Georgina SEERAAA Area StudiesAfrican Area Studies
Double burden of Obesity and Undernutrition in Uganda East AfricaFood Security
Ly StevenEngineeringCivil and Earth Resources Engineering
Runoff Prediction in Tonle Sap Lake Basin, CambodiaRegional Environmental Change