Graduate Schools and Departments, and Institutes

The GSS Program is jointly run by nine graduate schools and three institutes

Table 3 – Involved Graduate Schools and Department, and Institutes


Graduate School of Education
All Departments (Interdisciplinary Studies in Education)
Graduate School of Economics
All Department (Department of Economics)
Graduate School of Science
Division of Earth and Planetary Sciences
Graduate School of Medicine
Department of Medicine and Medical Science, School of Public Health
Graduate School of Engineering
Department of Civil and Earth Resources Engineering, Department of Urban Management, Department of Environmental Engineering, Department of Architecture and Architectural Engineering, Department of Mechanical engineering and Science
Graduate School of Agriculture
All departments (Division of Agronomy and Horticultural Science, Division of Forest and Biomaterials Science, Division of Applied Life Sciences, Division of Applied Biosciences, Division of Environmental Science and Technology, Division of Natural Resource Economics, Division of Food Science and Biotechnology)
Graduate School of Asian and African Area Studies
All departments (Division of Southeast Asian Area Studies, Division of African Area Studies, Division of Global Area Studies)
Graduate School of Informatics
Department of Social Informatics, Department of Communications and Computer Engineering
Graduate School of Global Environmental Studies
All departments (Doctorate Program in Global Environmental Studies, Doctorate Program in Environmental Management)
Disaster Prevention Research Institute
Research Institute for Sustainable Humanosphere
Center for Southeast Asian Studies


The GSS Program is run under Leading Program Administrative Committee in Kyoto University, with Executive Board Meetings and other committees

Fig. 2 Charts

※We do not currently have External Relation Committee, Leadership Support Committee, and International and Industry Advisors.